1. No Big Deal

From the recording Beauty & Menace

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No Big Deal

in her new red hair and underwear
she somehow felt the same

she said I wish there were a spell
that would let me be a child again
the heart’s a lonely hunter
and she never gets her fill
her cup it runneth under
it’s like searching for the Grail
and the men I thought were angels
were the devil in disguise

and I fear I’m growing weary when
I should be growing wise
we shed our love in layers
like a serpent in a tree

how could he do this and how can I do this

how can people be so mean
the skin I’m in’s wearing pretty thin
but it’s no big deal

if the world is a stage, it’s my role to play
I’m gonna go like Marilyn Monroe
but on a lesser scale

and I hate how I feel
but it’s no big deal

night falls like a deadly fog
when you’re spending it alone

and her money’s lost its meaning
like the useless things she owns
she traded in her virtue
for a bargain at thirteen

it hurt the first time and it hurt the last time

and all the others in between
the skin I’m in’s wearing pretty thin
but it’s no big deal

it’s a farce, it’s a phase
it’s just one of those days
on the behalf of Sylvia Plath
I’d like to say, it’s been a gas

and they love how you shine
from your earth-encrusted shrine

I’m gonna go now to the lighthouse

I’m gonna count to twenty-four and then
I’m gonna starve here in the starlight
counting all my sycophantic friends

I’m gonna fetch you a pail of bitterness
another letter that I’ll never send

I’m so tired, I’m so damn tired of
being in my skin

in her birthday suit and bedding
she slept away the pain

and she dreamt there was a spell
that would let her be a child again
she shed her love in layers
growing calloused over time
but remembered still the tenderness
of the skin she left behind

look how my looks fade

these kicks don’t come cheap, babe
champagne and heartache and
diamonds are a girl’s best friend