1. Ethers

From the recording Beauty & Menace

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there is no fire greater than my desire for you
if I wish real hard I can be where you are it’s true
do my alchemy you’ll come to me
gonna spin you from gold
can you feel me now
the sweat on your brow
in your blood and your soul
come through the ethers

there is no dream that I can’t intervene
if I inhale just right I evanesce into light
get in my time machine
I’m the electron spinning in your ear
palpable noise the throb in your loins
I’m on your wavelength, baby
coming right through the ethers

but I must not trust this side of us
but I love the love we conjure up
there is evil in the angel inside of us
and the web we weave gets tangled up

but I’m coming to you
coming through you
in your hard heartbeat in the air you breathe
in your hard heartbeat through your arteries

but I must not trust this side of us
it’s so delicate and dangerous
will our love evolve in spite of us
or the web we weave get tangled up