From the recording Beauty & Menace

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if you dare to go in there
you take your chances, honey
I told you once already
bleed, if it’s what you need
but if you feel unsteady
I told you twice already — leave it

she wants that doll
she might roll the ball
might set the lights to poppin’
might get your heart to stoppin’
tease, you'll be on your knees
if you bring her closer to you
I’ll remember when I knew you — leave it

you want trouble
gonna find it

did you hear an angel call your name
swear I heard a demon do the same

this house is standing under water
this house is rotted to the beams
this child ain’t nobody’s daughter
this little lamb’s not what she seems

they all succumbed to the water
they all succumbed to the flood
they all went up in the fire
engulfed in ashes and mud
this is the work of the devil
our bones are turning to rust
they know that we walk among them
our feet betray us in the dust

while you go awaken them
I will sing a requiem