1. Stone by Stone

From the recording Beauty & Menace

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it's taking all the will I've got
not to show up on your step and knock
stand there looking dumb like you forgot
tell her what a good man that you're not

you left me wondering wondering why
everything come out your face is a lie
yes, I was your sucker once but I
know my intentions were true
do you

stone by stone
I’ve built this fortress high
bone by bone
I’ll break you down
(so don’t you come around)

when you’re feeling sorry for yourself
go and cry to someone else
you think it’s all about you
watch me live without you
conquer the world all by myself

you might think you’re slick
but you’re just another brick in the wall
you already burned this bridge
you ain’t gonna cross this bridge
no, you don’t wanna cross this bitch

you played me like a symphony
you’re bringing out the worst in me
I could take it further
get away with murder
it’s taking everything I’ve got
to not