1. Fisherman

From the recording Beauty & Menace

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swung my left and lost the fight
he stills thinks he had the right
oh, no one has to know
and when my sister was alive
we’d pose as lions in the driveway
I, no one told her why

living on the brink of self destruction
living on the crust of your devotion
fallen for the worm of your seduction
sinker, hook, and line

when I was a little girl
I thought I could control the world
but I knew all along
couldn’t be more wrong
I had always been a flirt
’til fisherman when up my skirt
this is what you get
swimming near the net

if I were a big man, such a big man
I would tower over you
it’s a secret so you keep it
if I were your mother rather than your lover
you’d be a better man than you are
here comes the fisherman
and he’s armed

I could be no sweeter than Lolita
in your trembling hands
will I go to hell
not if you don’t tell
and with so many fish there in the sea
you’ll never have to stop at me
this is what you get
playing the coquette

here comes the fisherman
and he's armed
run run run run