1. The Sybil

From the recording Beauty & Menace

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here I sit with my naked face
bared to my bachelors without a trace
of color to hide me
here I sit nursing coffee shakes
stripped of my armor
my pride and grace
and I murder time

you’d better keep your lips locked tight
until the Inquisition’s gone
you’d better know which way to vote
when the horsemen come
to collect their pawns
you gullible hanger-on
seduced by Zeus in a shiny pond
you’d better keep your legs crossed tight
in the company of wily swans

you know so much, you don’t need me
it’s all right, don’t heed me
I am a fool, I concede
it’s all right, don’t heed me

here I stand as the
pavement quivers and quakes
fell in a hole
where’d the rabbit go
and I fell asleep in the subway darlin’
here I sit eating soylent flakes
all of the milk that’s been spilt
has gone to waste
but I’ll never cry, never say told you so
told you so

you’d better lock the house up tight
until the bogeyman is gone
you’d better keep the night light on
’til the sun comes up if it does
you arrogant little man
to spit on a gift that you were lesser than
you’d better beg for mercy now
while you can
while you can

don’t mind me ‘cause you
know I’m mad
everyone knows what they know
and what do I know
well there’s nothing I’m after
and there's nothing you can bring me to
quell the laughter
quell the laughter while I'm
locked in the tower
locked in the tower
and hour after hour
we murder time

you want so much, you’re so greedy
but it’s all right to not need me
I am a liar, you saw through me
what can you do but undo me